Model CXXBV Kit

The Model CXXBV Kit CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal, for custom designed air handling units, is applicable to draw-through systems with requirements beyond the capability of Model 1525. Required pipe, fittings and support brackets are field supplied. It is applicable to draw-through HVAC systems with the following characteristics:

  • Cooling capacities up to 100+ tons;
  • Drain diameters of 1 inch to 2 inches; and
  • Drain pan negative pressures from 0 to -5 inches of water gage (wg).

A photograph of this model along with a sketch showing basic dimensions are shown in Figure 1. Table 1 defines the dimensions for selected CXXBV Models and the capabilities of each. Like Model 1525, the Model CXXBV consists of 3 parts, identified in Figure 1 as A, B and C. These parts provide versatility in installation. For example, by rotating Part C in Part A, the discharge Part B can be pointed in various directions. Part B can be rotated up to 60 degrees to allow pipe alignment.

Figure 1

Table 1

Typical Custom Kit Installation Drawings

Detailed installation drawings and instructions are provided with each Custom Kit.

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