Condensate Drain Seal

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The CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal is a pneumatic flow control that replaces the condensate p-trap on air conditioners. The videos below explain why condensate traps are unacceptable and why their replacement with the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal is a cost saving alternative.

Understanding HVAC Condensate Traps
How and why traps on HVAC systems fail.

An Alternative to HVAC Condensate Traps
CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal

Our Product

The CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal is simple, has no moving parts, is self-cleaning, self-regulating and maintenance free.  It is inherently reliable with more than twenty-five years of successful field operation.  Not one has become blocked or failed to operate properly.  Thousands are in operation in various types of facilities and climates around the world.

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A few well known users of the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal include:

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