Blow-Through Installation

Installation of the CostGardā„¢ Condensate Drain Seal requires a single connection to the condensate drain outlet. It eliminates all the problems caused by the condensate p-trap. It is simple, compact, and self-cleaning. With no moving parts, it is virtually maintenance free.

The CostGardā„¢ Condensate Drain Seal is applicable to blow-through AHU systems with:

  • Drain diameters of 3/4 inches to 2 inches;
  • Cooling capacities up to 100+ tons; and
  • Drain pan static pressure to positive 5 inches of water gage (wg).

The system is configured to minimize the space required for installation. Figure 1 defines the depth required by various drain sizes. If these configurations are not suitable for a specific application, other arrangements are possible. Since each drain system is custom built, special configurations are generally provided at no additional cost.

Figure 1

Typical Installation Drawings:

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