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Trent Technologies, Inc. is an engineering research and development company incorporated under Texas USA laws. We research, develop, manufacture, market and distribute all our products. Our most popular product is the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal, an advanced-design component for HVAC systems. It replaces the failure-prone condensate p-trap. It solves all the problems it creates by using air as a seal in place of water. It is a unique technological development that ensures reliable condensate drainage from any air conditioning system. It provides a drain seal during all operating conditions, heating, and cooling, preventing contaminated outside air ingestion. It is self-cleaning, self-regulating, has no moving parts, and requires no maintenance. It exceeds the industry’s minimum standard outlined in any code. It improves indoor air quality, IAQ, by keeping the unit dry inside. It prevents water damage to equipment and buildings, offering building owners a proven path to significant saving and greater profits. Tens of thousands of CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal systems are in use worldwide. There have been no failures in 30 years. For more than two decades, one company installing our system now has more than 9,000 stores (with over 50,000 units.) The savings in maintenance alone pays for the system in less than one year.

Paul D. Trent

CEO, Co-Founder 

B.Sc Business and Economics – William Jewel College, Harlaxton Study Center, England
Background: Manager Kraft Foods; Los Angeles, USA; Owner and Operator of Printmaster-a commercial printing company (where he experienced costly property damage caused by p-trap failures on air conditioning systems;) Vice President, Trent Technologies, responsible for production, marketing, and distribution of the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal; President, Trent Technologies, responsible for all company operations.

Warren C. Trent

Retired, Co-Founder

MSME Purdue University, P.E, Former Member ASHRAE, Fellow AIAA

Warren Trent was an inventor, aerospace engineer, university professor, and author. He served as the CEO and Founder of Trent Technologies, Inc. from 1985 to 2020.

Warren was a registered professional engineer. He held Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University and Purdue University.

Warren retired from the aerospace industry, specializing in rocket and jet engine propulsion.  In the latter role, he directed the design and development of jet engine propulsion systems for two renowned fighter aircraft: the F-8 Crusader and the F-15 Eagle. Both set flight records that still stand.

After retirement, he invented a product to improve the performance of air-conditioning systems. The CostGard™ is in operation in all 50 US states and several foreign countries.

Other roles include Director of Engineering Technology-McDonnell Douglas Corporation; Member of NASA Research and Advisory Council; Evaluator for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); Member-Board of Trustees, Missouri Baptist College; Co-Author"Condensate Control," chapter in McGraw-Hill HVAC Handbook, 2004.  Warren Trent is among those listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. 

Carmen Carpenter


BBA Entrepreneurial Management - Texas Christian University, M.J. Neeley School of Business

Carmen left a ten-year career in corporate banking to join Trent Technologies, Inc. in March 2019. Her experience in small business banking sales, risk management, and business development with multiple financial institutions prepared her for this role at Trent Technologies, Inc.

Carmen worked for Frost Bank and BBVA Compass in Fort Worth, Texas, until she and her family returned to East Texas. Once in Tyler, she worked at Texas Bank and Trust and Citizens National Bank in Tyler as a Vice President of Lending.

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